advanSR encourages positive behaviors, reinforced through both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and real-time, tangible rewards.

advanSR Explained

Positive reinforcement

What a concept!

The advanSR app provides a game-like experience motivating students to complete their assignments, attend class, and engage in extracurricular activities. By displaying these positive behaviors, students cause their customized avatar to travel through education-focused “missions” and game levels. The feeling of success as they experience progress is a strong motivator.

Students, parents, and teachers are all rewarded through the advanSR app. Points are redeemed for teacher- and parent-approved digital gift cards as well as non-tangible experiential rewards.

Arrive at school on time

Join an after-school activity

Come to a PTA meeting

Try the buttons!


Intrinsic learning, Self Determination Theory (SDT)

mastering skills (or behaviors)
a feeling of choice (choosing to display the behaviors requested)
mastering skills (or behaviors)

Intrinsic learning, Self Determination Theory (SDT)

Badges, points, scoreboard, etc.

Expertly crafted

advanSR was developed with input from students, parents, teachers, administrators, Superintendents, School Board Members, PTA officials, state level school officials, and school foundation officials. advanSR is created in partnership with California and Florida Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and employs the principles of Self Determination Theory (SDT) and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).



Both students and parents earn points by engaging in the encouraged behaviors.


Positive reinforcement: what a concept! Uplift and reward what they already should be doing.


advanSR leverages “gamification” to intrinsically inspire students to actively participate.


advanSR is compatible with Google Classroom making incorporating advanSR into your school’s workflow effortless for administrators and teachers.


advanSR facilitates improvement in four areas: assignment completion, attendance, extracurricular activities, and parental engagement.


Local businesses support your school by providing rewards, and are highlighted in the app as sponsors.

Free to Use

There's no cost to students or parents (nor in app purchases) and they do not need to fundraise.


Students without their own personal device can use advanSR-provided, school issued devices for each classroom.


Our app is COPA compliant. No identifying student information is stored on our servers. Ever!

Social Benefits

When students and parents engage in the encouraged behaviors:

Attendance Increases

Graduation Rates Increase

Family Relationships Improve




One-time Set-up Fee

Standard advanSR package with Google Classroom integration.



One-time Set-up Fee

AdvanSR customized for your school, with logos, school colors, and mascots.

Annual License/Support Fees

$10 per student per year, based on school enrollment. Minimum fee of $8,000 per year, irrespective of enrollment numbers.

Financial Benefits

Raising your school* attendance just 1% can generate an increase in ADA funding of $114,500 annually. Not only does increased attendance directly impact the success of the students personally, it also has a ripple effect year over year with additional resources for future generations of students.

*Exemplar California school receives $11,450 per student in ADA funding
*Assumes student enrollment of 1,000

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