How much does advanSR cost?

One-Time Set-up Fees (with Google Classroom integration)

One-Time Set-up Fees (advanSR customized for your school; includes school colors, mascot, etc.)

Annual License Fees/Support Fees
$10 per student per year based on school enrollment
(Minimum fees are $8,000 per year, irrespective of enrollment numbers)


When students and parents engage in the encouraged behaviors:

Attendance Increases
Graduation Rates Increase
Family Relationships Improve

Raising your school* attendance just 1% can generate an increase in ADA funding of $114,500 annually. Not only does increased attendance directly impact the success of the students personally, it also has a ripple effect year over year with additional resources for future generations of students.

*Exemplar California school receives $11,450 per student in ADA funding
*Assumes student enrollment of 1,000